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Supercharge Your Workflow - Essential Obsidian Templates Revealed

Today, I’ll be sharing my 3 go-to Obsidian templates that have completely transformed the way I work. With the introduction of exciting features like Canvas and the new Bookmarks plugin, Obsidian has become my ultimate productivity hub. So, let’s dive in and explore these templates together.

Obsidian rocks

Obsidian Workflow - Personal Knowledge Management using Dataview plugin

I have been using Obsidian daily for managing my notes for more than a year now. In this period I have tested the most varied plugins available

How to keep motivated

When we start a new project, at first everything can seem very exciting. We feel motivated to finally get an idea off the ground and energized to see things actually happening.

What Olympians can teach us about performing under pressure

When watching the impressive achievements of Olympic athletes it is natural to wonder what is going on in their heads, and how they do to stay focused in the face of so much pressure.

Why we get our best ideas in the shower

An ancient Greek scientist named Archimedes had the task of finding out whether a crown crafted for a king was made of pure gold or gold mixed with other metals. He could not melt or destroy the crown.

The Archimedes bath

First impressions of Logseq

A new app for knowledge management called Logseq has been gaining popularity in recent months. Some readers have asked my opinion about the tool, and after testing it for a few days this week, I share here my first impressions.

Logseq logo image

6 Useful Templates for Obsidian

In this video, we show 6 useful templates for Obsidian and how I use each of them. I also show how to use date/title snippets and some example notes.

How to learn anything

Have you ever had a teacher or instructor who explained things in a way that was difficult to understand? You are not alone.

Structuring my day for deep work

This week I decided to try out a new daily routine structured for deep work. The idea is to try to focus more on cognitively demanding tasks and avoid multitasking. These things are discussed extensively in Cal Newport’s excellent book Deep Work and he says the following:

Deep work book cover