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I'm Filipe Donadio, software engineer and YouTuber. I make videos about note-taking and knowledge management apps like Obsidian, Notion, and Logseq.

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    I am just starting with Obsidian. There are a lot of videos out there, but some of them are quite long. Frankly, yours is one of the best starter videos I have seen. Allows me to hit the ground running!

    Adam Y.

    Subscriber since MAY 2021

    What I like about the newsletter is that I feel like it's an email from a distant friend who is sharing the things he has recently discovered. I am passionate about discovering new things and this is always the place where I find that.

    Madeleine M.

    Subscriber since JUN 2021

    I'm new to Obsidian and you've shown me tons of things I didn't know I could do with it. Your videos are very concise and easy to watch - thanks!

    Lucy H.

    Subscriber since JUN 2021

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    An ancient Greek scientist named Archimedes had the task of finding out whether a crown crafted for a king was made of pure gold or gold mixed with other metals. He could not melt or destroy the crown.

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