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Well, it's always difficult to write about ourselves so I'll try to be brief. I'm a software engineer who loves music, an introvert who speaks very little (people usually like this because I listen a lot more than I talk), a minimalist with material things, and who chose to live in the country of Stroopwafel.

What I'm Working On

🎥 I'm currently creating videos about productivity tools, note-taking apps, and personal knowledge management

🌱 I'm learning video editing

💌 I write a weekly email newsletter with some thoughts, links to articles, and content that I recently enjoyed

A time line if you want to learn more about me (aka the story of my life in emojis):

1987 - Born in São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷
1997 - Met my wife when I was 9 🤯
2000 - Learned music theory, singing, and how to play piano 🎹
2002 - Learned by myself how to play guitar 🎸
2003 - Joined a local football team ⚽️
2006 - Finished an electrical technician course and got my first internship ⚡️
2007 - Joined my first rock band as lead vocalist and guitarist 🎤
2008 - First "real" job in a B2B telemarketing company 📞
2009 - Played at my biggest gig ever with my band. I will never forget. (~500 people) 🤘
2011 - First job as a web developer 💻
2012 - Learned how to make iPhone apps and published my first app 📱
2015 - Graduated in Computer Science 🎓
2017 - First international travel of my life. Spent 40 days in Melbourne, Australia 🇦🇺
2018 - I was hired by a Dutch company and moved to The Netherlands 🇳🇱
2019 - Got married to the girl I met when I was a kid 👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️
2019 - Moved to Italy for a couple of months 🇮🇹
2020 - Moved back to the Netherlands to work as iOS Developer 🍎
2021 - Created my YouTube channel and started to share everything I know 🎥

Questions? Thoughts?

I'm always available to connect and answer any questions. Feel free to reach out on social media or my contact page:

🐦 Send me a DM on Twitter
📸 Follow me on Instagram